Drive business productivity with fully managed, highly resilient, high-speed connectivity.

Fast, reliable and secure connectivity forms the foundations of business today. From cloud applications and communications platforms to security services – everything that powers and protects your business operations relies upon it. Around the clock.

Bistech connectivity services offer a variety of options, from fully managed private networks, SD-WAN solutions and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), to business broadband. With performance and price points to suit your needs, and the scale and capacity to grow with you, your business will benefit from tailored, enterprise class, ‘always on’ connectivity.

­­Our creative and bespoke solution design enables you to incorporate the most efficient, flexible and secure ways of working, meeting your exact business requirements, every time.

Connectivity Overview.

Private network technologies

Bistech owns and manages its own private network infrastructure, strategically located throughout the UK. Significant investment in highly available infrastructure means that Bistech can design your network with complete flexibility and resilience built-in.

Tailored network designs

  • Private network with dedicated low latency connectivity to the cloud
  • Internet breakout with Enterprise Security solutions
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
  • Hybrid networks incorporating SD-WAN, VPLS and VPN

The Bistech approach

Choice of MPLS, VPLS, VPN and SD-WAN solutions to fit your business requirements

  • Combine Fibre Ethernet, Copper Ethernet, FTTx, ADSL, 4G and 5G into a single private network
  • Access all connectivity tail providers for highly competitive pricing across a range of diverse routing options
  • Resilient network designs maximise throughput and enable load sharing traffic across multiple site connections and technologies

Software Defined Network (SDN)

  • Highly resilient ‘self-healing’ core network
  • AI powered proactive monitoring and alerting 24/7
  • Software-defined intelligent network integrations provide automatic diagnostics and rectification of site connectivity issues
  • Flexible and scalable solutions allow ease of growth or consolidation

Tailored specifically to support your core business objectives, a Bistech network provides a solid, stable and secure foundation whatever your digital strategies.


As an established ISP, our highly resilient infrastructure is achieved through peering with multiple Tier One global IP backbone providers. Delivering high capacity Internet into multiple Top Tier data centres and across diverse geographic locations – Bistech Internet provides maximum availability at all times.


Fully managed enterprise grade LAN and WLAN solutions from Bistech offer a range of powerful networking and IT solutions from industry-leading vendors in a simple, easy to manage fashion.

  • Simplified Firmware Updates – assure compliance with simple control and management of firmware with automatic and schedule upgrade functionality
  • Virtual Stacking - simultaneously configure thousands of ports across standalone and physically stacked switches, regardless of location
  • Layer 7 Visibility – Switch management solutions give clear visibility of how valuable network resources are being used
  • Network Topology - view your network in real-time, show devices and their connections and monitor network-wide health
  • Remote Live Tools - powerful tools identify and correct issues remotely
  • Enterprise Security – protect your network from both external and internal threats

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