Minimise business risk with multi-layered, real-time, end-to-end security.

Security breaches are on the rise and the cost to business can be dear, both financially and in terms of reputation. A centrally managed, high-performance security solution from Bistech will protect your organisation and give you total peace of mind. 

Managed Centralised Firewall

To be effective against evolving threats, your security solution needs to reliably control both inbound and outbound network traffic through awareness of applications, users and content.

Bistech’s Managed Centralised Firewall offers a simplified security solution with a single, easy-to-manage platform. This secures your enterprise by enabling the following features to work together to give you intelligent, highly effective network security.

  • Application Control enables the blocking of unauthorised applications and code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention provides the latest defences against malicious network activity
  • Antivirus delivers fully automated, up to date network protection using dedicated firewalls
  • Web Filtering gives fully integrated and high-performance protection against application and network threats, such as phishing, drive-by malware sites and botnets
  • VPN provides secure, reliable remote access to your corporate network and applications
  • Reporting offers actionable information to enforce policies, understand targeted attacks, and meet compliance

Email Security

Bistech Email Security leverages a suite of industry-leading email security services from Mimecast. Providing a single integrated cloud service for email security, archiving and continuity, this holistic approach will reduce the risk, complexity and cost associated with email protection.

  • Real-time protection from the latest threats such as malware, spear-phishing, whaling and other sophisticated attacks
  • Anti-spam, antivirus and data leak prevention
  • Mailbox continuity protects employee productivity in the event of failover or outages
  • Secure, accessible, fully-indexed email archiving reduces email storage overheads

DDoS Protection

Bistech’s DDoS Protection provides real-time network visibility. DDoS Protection not only mitigates your vulnerability but actually identifies and prevents an attack. By removing contaminated traffic from the application layer of your network, Internet-facing infrastructure is protected.

  • 100% behaviour-based detection, including sophisticated low-volume application layer attacks to automatically detect and mitigate attack traffic
  • IP reputation scoring systems and continuous attack re-evaluation methods block threatening traffic and reduce false detections
  • Transparent threat mitigation and stealth activity prevention protects against targeted attacks, worm outbreaks, DDoS and Botnets, spoofers, source tracking, and inbound and outbound threats

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Security services

  • Advanced threat protection
  • Fully managed centralised firewall
  • Industry-leading email security
  • Real-time DDoS protection