Minimise business risk with holistic, multi-layered, real-time security.

Companies are increasingly aware that they must ‘go digital’ to remain competitive. But of course, cybercriminals are also taking advantage of the new opportunities and vulnerabilities presented by today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape. 

A multi-layered security solution from Bistech will help you protect, detect and respond to these ever-changing threats. Bistech has a wealth of experience in providing best practice security advice, enabling your business to benefit from new ways of working. Whilst keeping your identity, devices and data totally secure.

Security Overview.

Perimeter security

The security perimeter of every organisation has spread beyond the network and into the global cloud. This means that the traditional approach to security is no longer sufficient.

Our team of experts will help you assess your security posture to ensure your business is secure, whilst also allowing it to evolve. Our holistic approach encompasses cloud apps and services such as AI, mobility and IoT devices alongside traditional network infrastructure - protecting your organisation and giving you total peace of mind.

Data security

In the modern workplace, every new innovation is mirrored by a new threat or vulnerability. It’s never been more important to ensure that data security is at the heart of your organisation’s culture.

Bistech offers a range of data security solutions, including preventative strategies, to ensure that cybercriminals cannot access your data. Whilst many providers can help you tackle aspects of your corporate security posture, Bistech is in a unique position to support your end-to-end security, both in and out of the organisation.

Identity protection

Today, with company data spread across the global cloud with users accessing information from anywhere and everywhere, the corporate firewall is no longer the gatekeeper it once was. For this reason, identity is an increasingly common entry point for cyber criminals. So, securing user identity is more critical than ever.

Bistech’s intelligent identity protection solutions monitor user behaviour and other factors such as ‘location’ and the ‘state of user devices’. They also cross reference known threat telemetry to ensure that the individual attempting to gain access is who they claim to be - ultimately safeguarding your business. 

Device management

Companies manage an ever-increasing portfolio of user devices, from traditional desktops and laptops to a wide variety of mobile phones and tablets. With many companies also empowering employees to use their own devices at work, it’s essential to have visibility and control. This needs to extend across all equipment and platforms that operate within your business. Bistech offers a powerful range of tools to make device management easy whilst maximising both productivity and security.

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