How to enhance client engagement and gain competitive edge.

Today, law firms are facing a new breed of competition. Not only have the dominant ‘Big Four’ accounting firms entered the market to strengthen their positions, legal tech start-ups and firms with alternate business structures are also disrupting the field. To remain competitive in these changing times, proactive law firms are taking a client-centric approach which focuses upon incremental innovation. This begins with people, process and technology – and finding ways to work smarter across every touchpoint.

Communicate the client’s way.

Omnichannel business communication has long been championed in the retail and hospitality industries. Access to products and services is increasingly smartphone-driven and there’s an opportunity for legal practices to engage with clients in the same way. Empowering access to your firm’s expertise through the client’s preferred contact method, be that social media, webchat, text, email or telephone will enable faster responses and increase customer satisfaction.

Join the digital dots.

Similarly, clients expect real-time case updates with essential information at their fingertips. After all, Google can return instant answers! Whilst that may not be wholly realistic, by managing workflows digitally, firms can enhance their reputation and provide efficient, relevant and timely information.  The integration of case management systems with appropriate resources, such as HM Land Registry in the case of conveyancing, can provide a faster, more transparent service.

Get smart with analytics.

Forward-thinking practice managers can identify areas for improvement across the client journey through the accurate tracking of client engagement. So, from enquiry, appointment and conversion to ongoing fee-earner communication, the effectiveness of every stage of engagement can be understood and refined. Whilst much legal innovation is centred around document and contract processing, clear metrics for client engagement will help firms to enhance their reputation whilst enabling fee earners to focus on the matters that their expertise requires.

Future-proof your firm.

For multisite firms, AI and automation have prompted a rethink about the way teams are deployed, and the cost of their office footprint. Technology can truly support the leaner more competitive firm of the future. As BYOD and a remote working culture becomes more of a standard expectation, a strategy that keeps firms available to their clients and colleagues is essential.

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