22 Jan 2016

The problem with passwords

Posted by Mark Thomas

For Security News

Yet again this week, password security is under the spotlight.

The media is taking the subject by storm, with new reports from a variety of sources highlighting the extent of the problem.

As a nation, we are incredibly bad at creating secure passwords. With the top of the worst being ‘123456’ and the word ‘password’ itself, we really are leaving ourselves vulnerable to malicious attacks.

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12 Jan 2016

Great weather for ducks!

Four considerations to protect business telecoms from the great British weather

Since December, businesses and homes throughout north-east and north-west England have been badly damaged by floods. The rain during this period has been relentless, resulting in no end of distress and despair for all those affected. There have been more than 180 flood warnings across England and Wales, with bad weather damaging trade and causing chaos.

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