3 ways technology can improve your customer interactions. Posted by Julie Fisher, 11 Jul 2018

In our digital world where customers are increasingly demanding more, raising the bar for customer service is essential. With the right technology, customer experience can be elevated to the next level.

Today, most companies have a dedicated team to support and communicate with their customers. Many, however, reject the concept of a contact centre due to perceived negative associations with the call centres of yesteryear.

It’s true that contact centres come in many guises – call centres, customer service centres and customer engagement hubs for example. And we’ve seen a rise in companies using more positive descriptions, offering centres for customer success, customer satisfaction or customer relations. No matter how you frame your customer service function, customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator between business success or failure.

Successful companies focus on the customer and are often the first to adopt new technologies to create the ultimate customer interaction experience. Here are the top CX technology trends we are seeing at Bistech.

1. Savvy self-service

Self-service technologies or automated chatbots can provide a great benefit to customers if they are quick and easy to use and return meaningful results. If executed poorly, however, they can cause confusion, irritation and can ultimately lose you customers. Contact centre applications are evolving rapidly, and those offering open APIs will enable use of bots, automation and AI innovations.

2. Context is king

Today’s customers crave contextual conversation. They expect you to know what they emailed about on Tuesday when you are talking to them on Wednesday. And they certainly don’t have the time or inclination to go over the same issue again and again.
Every interaction needs to be quickly and easily accessible to customer service agents, with the information they need directly at their fingertips. Smart analytics can transform data such as call and screen recordings, emails, chats, SMS messages and more into useful, real-time feedback to better personalise and enhance service.

3. Omnichannel for all

Of course, delivering a great customer experience relies as much on great people as it does technology and process. Empowering employees and setting them up with both the systems and skills to succeed will enhance every interaction. A joined-up, omnichannel approach to communication enables agents to pivot seamlessly between social media, chat, video, email, text and telephone conversations to deliver a better service.

The journey to success

Time-starved customers demand a quick and easy service. But despite great technological advances, what truly wins hearts and minds is a consistent, positive and personalised experience. By using the right technology to engage customers in this way, the result is not only a smooth, superior service, but also increased sales revenue and long-term loyalty.

Bistech has extensive experience in providing advanced contact centre technologies to drive service excellence and maximise customer retention. From a small team of agents through to multisite operations, a Bistech contact centre will enable consistent, customer-friendly omnichannel interactions, whatever the contact method. To find out more, talk to our experts on 03330 11 22 55.

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