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25 Mar 2021

Hybrid working: is it the right strategy for you?

Posted by Richard Holbrook

For Hybrid working Remote Working Opinion

As companies plan for the future post-coronavirus, some are considering a model that combines remote work and office time.

A year on from what was touted as ‘the world’s biggest remote working experiment’, we’ve all seen the business successes and challenges that came with the pandemic. Despite the initial scepticism, for many employees, productivity remained high and a better work-life balance was achieved. And businesses began to save costs on unused office space, highlighting the commercial benefits of longer-term remote working.

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26 Jan 2021

A Cyber Pandemic is here: how to protect your business

Posted by Chris Thomas

For Security News Opinion

Security remains a key focus for IT teams as bad actors continue to rapidly evolve their cyberattacks.

A new global crisis emerges

Undoubtedly, last year will be remembered as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bringing disruption to our daily lives, the race to work from home dramatically changed the online space at an exponential rate.

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17 Dec 2020

Three key business challenges that IT can help you solve

Posted by Ashley Payne

For Cloud Opinion

Streamline, secure and save with a cloud-first strategy.

IT today needs to offer the agility, scalability and resilience for businesses to both survive and thrive. Now longer-term hybrid working is a real possibility for many, it’s important to reflect on current successes and opportunities for improvement, whilst also planning ahead. Clearly, digital efforts will continue to accelerate and consolidate over the years ahead to meet future demands. And for almost every firm, this will involve cloud technologies.

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13 May 2020

Life beyond lockdown: 4 next steps to move your business forward

Posted by Richard Holbrook

For Remote Working Business Continuity Opinion

Continuity remains key as businesses prepare for the future of work.

Businesses have recently faced the biggest business continuity (BC) test ever seen, forcing us to change the way we work. Whilst many businesses implemented their existing BC plans, others found a 'quick fix' to homeworking and inevitably, some were forced to close their doors entirely.

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