22 Jul 2016

BT outages wreak havoc for UK businesses

Posted by Chris Thomas

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Broadband and telephone services were wiped out for thousands of companies across the UK this week as two major outages occurred.

These outages also affected millions of bank customers accessing their online accounts and highlighted the infrastructural vulnerabilities of BT and other Internet Service Providers. We take a look at what just happened…

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29 Feb 2016

Deal or no deal?

Posted by Sally Bailey

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Buyer beware - not all comms proposals are the same! It’s time to scratch beneath the surface...

There is a plethora of different providers, options and pricing structures in the business comms industry today. How do you begin to unravel the various options and ensure that you are offered the right technology at the right price?

Ashley Payne, Bistech’s Senior Analyst guides you through the potential pitfalls in our latest blog interview.

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18 May 2015

BT announces date for end of ISDN

What does the end of ISDN mean for UK businesses? Read the interview with Richard Holbrook, Bistech’s Technical Director.

BT has announced a target date of 2025 for completing the migration of all ISDN and PSTN customers to IP. Whilst 10 years may feel like a long time, in real terms the migration process will need to begin soon if this timescale is to be met.

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