Meet the team: Senior Software Engineer, Ben - Bistech
Playing an important role in a variety of exciting projects, Ben describes his day-to-day responsibilities as a Software Engineer and how he’s continuing to develop his skills.

First steps into software

As part of my university degree, I completed a 12-month placement in the Software Development team at Bistech before rejoining full time after graduation. The thing I’m most proud of from my placement year was presenting and discussing the first significant solution I had worked on to several department heads. The feedback was really encouraging, and I could see that my work would have a positive impact on the wider business.

Behind the scenes

There’s a lot that goes on in the Software Development team. For example, we develop solutions to meet business requirements which includes programming, continuous deployment infrastructure and UI design, as well as fault-finding bugs and participating in fortnightly reviews. We also regularly rotate between working on ‘future’ roles (new features) and ‘shield’ roles (bug fixing), so we’re constantly learning.

“Software development is not just programming — it involves a lot of teamwork, stakeholder interaction, quality control and creativity.”

Keeping up with technology

It’s so important that we keep up with new emerging technologies, and Bistech is great at supporting us along this journey with training and certification opportunities. For example, I recently passed my Professional Scrum Master training.

I particularly enjoy being involved in developing sophisticated, large and high-quality software solutions, such as the Bistech Customer Portal. This involved significant web development, something I am very passionate about, and with a project of this scale, it’s been really rewarding to reflect on the journey and see what we have achieved.

The Software team

The best thing about working at Bistech is the people and the quality and creativity of the solutions we create together. No matter what the challenge is, whether it’s a complex project or just a bit of friendly competition on social outings, we take it on, give it our all and play to win!

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