Streamlining success.

Founded in 1991 by entrepreneurial businessman Iain Burgess, BVG Group is a leading multi-channel retailer specialising in garden products and outdoor buildings. With four UK sites and a headquarters in Wales, their main retail channels are mail order, newspaper reader offers and online. A winner of multiple business awards, the company strives for innovation and excellence in everything it does.

The challenge

Already partnering with Bistech for their business-critical networks and contact centre technology, in 2019, BVG Group needed to review their wider IT strategy. With an ageing on-premise email server struggling to cope with their rapid growth, it was essential for the business to modernise.

The solution

Working closely with BVG, Bistech devised a Microsoft solution that would help futureproof the business and deliver a more collaborative way of working. After a quick and streamlined roll-out, 300 users were migrated from the old email server and Office 365 up to the full Microsoft Office Premium model.

And as established retailers, security is paramount for BVG, who make over one million online transactions a year, so Bistech devised a security solution that complies with both PCI DSS and GDPR to ensure complete protection for the business.

The benefits

The Microsoft solution has increased productivity company wide, with remote working, file sharing and co-editing vastly improving the way the teams communicate and work together. With security built in, the team has complete visibility of what they are doing well and areas to improve upon. And viruses, malware and spam have significantly reduced, giving BVG total peace of mind.

Another major benefit is the consolidation of disparate systems and reduction of on-site hardware. As it is hosted in the cloud, the fully integrated solution is less resource heavy, enabling BVG’s IT team to save time and focus on more strategic activities.

At a glance…

Increased productivity

Productivity has been maximised through process and workflow automation.

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

A multi-layered approach has ensured better protection, detection and response to ever-changing cyber threats.

Cost control

Cost control

IT resources can now be managed and optimised according to changing business needs.