How we do it.

Smart people delivering exceptional service.

We discuss, debate, consider, collaborate, verbalise, vocalise and challenge. And we encourage staff, partners and suppliers to do the same. Transparency in the way we communicate enables everyone involved to achieve their core business goals.

Great listeners

We work closely, in true partnership with our customers, to establish a mutual respect that enables results and commercial objectives to be more easily realised. No red tape – just good old-fashioned listening, straight talking and a focus on the end result.

With over 30 years’ experience in business communication technologies, we can provide as much or as little information about the history of the industry as you require. We understand how the technology has evolved and are constantly researching the marketplace to keep abreast of industry changes and developments - so we can keep you informed.

All this leads to a reassurance that we are providing an independently designed solution, recommending only the best technologies for your specific requirement.

Free range people

With the freedom to make informed decisions, Bistech employees are empowered. Working within an open culture and without the restrictions of bureaucracy, fast decisions can be made. We cherry pick a high calibre of individuals to join our team, with a selective recruitment process that focusses on ability and attitude.

Service, supersized

Only the highest levels of service and support are considered acceptable. One number to call, a single point of contact and access directly to a highly trained engineer who can help - that’s one less headache for business leaders who’d rather be spending their time driving the business forward.

The Bistech Way

  • Great listeners
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Always independent
  • Long term partners