Our skilled engineers are always on hand to answer queries and rectify incidents quickly and efficiently.

Although system reliability and expert installation make issues an infrequent occurrence, when the need arises you can be assured that you’ll receive an exceptional level of care and attention from the Bistech team.

And we mean exceptional in the truest sense of the word. With today’s customer care experiences being all too often a little bit hit and miss, Bistech is quite happy to revert to a more retro approach that enables customers to speak to someone when they need to. Someone who can ‘do’ rather than simply take a message or log a call means that queries are handled without frustration and with the reassurance that you’ll get the result you need.

It’s this approach that makes it an easy decision for customers to renew their contracts with us year on year. Bistech service and support is unique and unrivalled in the industry.

We provide you with the highest standards of support to reduce your workload and relieve the need for IT management, so you can focus on driving your business forward. Our highly trained and accredited teams work as an extension of your team, providing assured, professional assistance when you need it.

Bistech delivers reliable, cost-effective service and support for your mission critical communications:

  • Service Desk includes dedicated NOC with specialist technical expertise
  • Proactive monitoring and diagnostics minimise business disruption
  • Remote support for fast incident resolution
  • National engineering team provide a local response
  • Professional incident management with an adopted ITIL approach

Support you can count on

  • 95% of customers renew their Bistech contracts year on year
  • 2 hours average incident rectification time
  • 3 rings to answer call policy