Moving Up a Gear.

High-performance technology accelerates business growth.

Foray Motor Group, rated as one of the top 100 UK Motor Dealers, is a leading multi-site Ford dealership. Following a management buy-out in 2000, the group expanded by acquisition and now has 10 sites across the south west of England. It’s growth and success is largely down to its passion for delivering comprehensive customer choice, competitive pricing and unrivalled service.

With trade in the motor industry fast and competitive, delivering an exceptional customer service is crucial. In 2018, to keep ahead of the curve, it was agreed that a communications strategy review was essential to support the business’s ambitious growth plans. Having been in partnership since 2010, both Bistech and Foray were keen to develop the relationship further.

Working collaboratively, Bistech devised a flexible and scalable communications solution, with fully integrated telephony and robust connectivity at each site. With the solution now in place, Foray experiences improved system management and responsiveness, giving customers an enhanced customer service.

The financial benefits were evident from the very beginning. Compared to previous spend on an overflow call system, the new Bistech solution will provide Foray with a significant saving.

Now, with a robust, centralised network, the deployment of new sites has been simplified, meaning Foray can look ahead and plan for the future.

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