Partnership in practice.

Multi-site communications solution improves patient access to primary care.

About One Care
One Care is a GP-led organisation that supports practices in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG). Established in 2014 and with over 80 member practices serving one million patients, One Care’s vision is to enable General Practice to both survive and thrive through innovative ways of providing primary care.

The challenge
A key focus of the One Care initiative is to improve communications between patients and practices across this vast region. One Care practices are independent businesses, so the organisation faced the huge task of standardising many different telephony systems for a diverse range of stakeholders.

The solution
Demonstrating proven expertise in the healthcare sector, Bistech was appointed as One Care’s communications technology partner. A powerful relationship of mutual trust and collaboration developed, and after meticulous planning, an innovative centralised telephony platform was launched across the entire region.

The business benefits
The Bistech solution has enabled practices to work collaboratively in networks, enhancing operational efficiency and workload management through real-time visibility of demand. Remote working is enabled, and the secure, cloud-based platform can adapt and scale alongside evolving needs of practices and patients - a key objective of the One Care agenda. And from a business perspective, practices are saving an average of 60% on call charges.

The flexible, robust and future-proof solution is now benefitting 78 individual practice sites, and new sites can be added easily to accommodate future growth.

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