A dedicated partnership.

Tailored technology puts patients at the heart of operations.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice is an independent charity providing high-quality specialist palliative and end of life care for on average 320 patients at any one time. Its catchment area serves around 80,000 homes, with patients and their loved ones receiving support from its in-patient ward, the Living Well Centre or at home in the community.

In 2015, its ageing system was heavily impacting operations, with the hospice experiencing regular downtime's in communications. With patient care being of paramount importance, it was clear a new system was urgently required to enable the hospice to continue providing the high level of care and support its patients need. And whilst only 16% of the charity’s funding comes from the NHS, it was important for St Wilfrid’s to work with a partner who understood these challenges.

Mindful of this, Bistech rolled out a cost-effective and scalable solution in phases – initially to the main hospice and a few stores, followed by on-boarding the remaining retail outlets.

Due to the success of the install, and with the move to the new hospice happening in 2019, Bistech devised a tailored, triangulated solution to ensure a seamless move from the old hospice to the new. The Bistech solution provided the extra resilience necessary to ensure business continuity and flexibility both during that time, and into the future.

Equally, St Wilfrid’s retail stores now benefit from robust connectivity, enabling seamless data transfer from the stores to the finance and fundraising teams at the main hospice. With everything now connected, St Wilfrid’s has the peace of mind and assurance it needs to continue providing a dedicated service to its patients.

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