Access and manage your business-critical apps and services quickly, easily and securely.

Businesses today need the agility and flexibility to adapt to constant change. Yet to support this, the need for perpetual, reliable and quality access to your cloud and communications platforms is essential.

Bistech's cloud-first software centric infrastructure services enable faster, more flexible and scalable ways of working, with business continuity built in. Underpinned by our high speed, optimised network, you will gain a solid, stable and secure technology foundation tailored to your individual business needs:

  • Optimise performance - activate an accelerated route to the cloud with Bistech's high speed, reliable and secure network
  • Simplify management - reduce IT burden with proactive monitoring, automated updates, patching and improved visibility
  • Adapt and scale - easily manage and change with flexible and agile hyperscale resource readily available
  • Improve resilience - reduce reliance upon on-premise hardware and eliminate single points of failure for ultimate business continuity
  • Control costs - reduce Capex investment and improve visibility and management of expenditure and cashflow

Infrastructure Overview.

Cloud & Hosting

Simplify IT and transform your business with flexible, scalable and tailored cloud services. Accelerate business efficiency by consuming core IT capabilities ‘as a service’ - allowing you to adapt, grow and evolve in line with changing business needs.


Connect seamlessly with high speed, optimised routing to the cloud. A single pane of glass view of your network combined with proactive monitoring, event management and diagnostics, enables a solid, stable and secure foundation for a successful digital strategy.


Simplify your infrastructure, improve bandwidth efficiency and maximise network performance. With Bistech’s SD-WAN, you will experience next-generation connectivity with ultimate visibility, flexibility and agility.


Enhance local connectivity with a flexible, scalable, future-proof environment. A fully managed, enterprise grade LAN solution from Bistech will provide secure, end-to-end infrastructure and support for users to connect seamlessly to their business-critical services and apps.


Deliver fast, stable and easy-to-use wireless that enhances productivity and helps maintain competitive edge. We provide on premise and cloud wireless solutions with a choice of industry-leading technologies. Set up sophisticated parameters across a variety of users, with centralised control, a high level of flexibility and accessibility for guest and corporate policies.


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