A cyber pandemic is here: how to protect your business - Bistech

Security remains a key focus for IT teams as bad actors continue to rapidly evolve their cyber attacks.

A new global crisis emerges

Undoubtedly, last year will be remembered as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bringing disruption to our daily lives, the race to work from home dramatically changed the online space at an exponential rate.

And technology was the saving grace, with organisations moving their interactions online to keep communications and services up and running. Yet, while we rightly praise technology, challenges have arisen as a result of the quick and widespread adoption of remote working — something many are referring to as a cyber pandemic.

The age of a cyber pandemic

Considering how fast technology has been developing, it was only a matter of time before a threat of this scale would surface and affect the cyber security landscape. Capitalising on the change in the work environment and increased use of digital technology, malicious actors adapted their usual tactics and scams to stay one step ahead of everyone else. The result — a significant rise in security breaches.

In early 2020, we saw a surge in sophisticated phishing scams, ransomware and DDoS attacks, with many using the latest headlines as clickbait. And with more services moving online, business security perimeters have shifted once again. Where traditional IT used to be sufficient in protecting a business working from a stable location, it was no longer enough to defend remote workers outside the existing security boundaries. Now, with many people still working from home, and the roll-out of new vaccines expected to be leveraged in future scams, we’re unlikely to see these attacks decrease any time soon.

Eliminating the threats

Events such as a pandemic often act as a catalyst for long-lasting change. For organisations who adopted new technology, it’s crucial to understand the risks that come with your new IT environment and how to protect your business. Here are some key considerations…

  1. Establish real-time protection
    The key to staying ahead of cyber attacks is to be prepared. For example, many businesses who migrated to centralised, cloud-based security services already benefit from real-time threat protection, using automation, machine learning and IoT telemetry to provide speedy remediation, with visibility enhanced across the entire estate.
  2. Reassess and invest
    An agile approach to IT and security has become essential — simply protecting the traditional security perimeter is no longer enough. Your employees need fast, easy and secure access to their data and apps across a range of devices and from any location. A cloud approach combined with a Zero Trust framework uses conditional, just-in-time access to grant users the privilege they need to perform a required task, but nothing more, ultimately maximising security for your business.
  3. Reinforce a security-conscious mindset
    A simple, yet effective, way to protect your business is to re-embed a culture of cyber awareness among your team. Remind employees of potential scams and urge them to report anything suspicious.

While vigilance and increased security awareness are crucial during this time, it should always remain an essential part of your IT strategy. At Bistech, we take a multi-layered approach to security to help you protect, detect and respond to ever-changing cyber threats. To discuss your security needs, call our expert team on 03330 11 22 55.