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Technology is rapidly transforming the retail industry. With the accelerated shift from in-store to online sales, retailers are embracing IT to remain competitive by driving down costs and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Bistech has provided business technologies to the retail sector for over 30 years. Working with a variety of established brands, we consistently deliver cost-effective technologies that drive excellent customer service and improve bottom-line profitability.

We know that changing customer expectations are creating new industry challenges, which is why our technology solutions enable easy contact options, secure and efficient cross-site collaboration and keep costs down, ultimately empowering your business to thrive.

Delivering the goods

Increase brand loyalty

Increase brand loyalty

Personalise communications for the ‘always-connected’ consumer.

Make interaction easy

Enable easy interactions

Provide a choice of contact options, including live chat and social media.

Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver a consistent brand experience with the unification of all store departments.

Enhance Security

Enhance security

Protect, detect and respond to ever-changing cyber threats with a multi-layered approach.