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Making a difference.

We’re passionate about our community and are committed to operating as an ethical and socially responsible company — a commitment that’s reflected in our values and in everything we do. Alongside our work to reduce waste, conserve resources and promote sustainable working practices, we’ve developed a diverse and inclusive workforce with a strong focus on health and wellbeing. Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is continuously evolving, including our recent solar panel installation project and launching our electric vehicle initiative.

Ethical business

We’re proud to operate with the utmost integrity, committed to conducting business in a fair, ethical and transparent way. We carefully source our supply chain with regular reviews, considering both environmental and social responsibilities, and where possible we use independent, local suppliers to support our community.

Bistech Community Fund

Our people love to actively fundraise across a diverse range of charities and good causes. So, every year we give our employees the chance of significant sponsorship towards a fundraising challenge of their choice. We see this as a small way to help our people support the causes that are close to their hearts — while also supporting our wider community.

Now in its seventh year, the fund has distributed over £195,000 across more than 75 charities.

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Graduate awards

We’ve worked closely with Bournemouth University for more than 10 years now, which has given us the opportunity to support our local graduates by sponsoring the Bistech awards for Best Corporate Study in Business Management and Best Final Year Project in Business Technology.

Both awards are presented to exceptional graduates at the university’s graduation ceremony.

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As part of our carbon footprint reduction strategy, we’ve recently installed solar panels at Bistech HQ. This project has been part-funded by Low Carbon Dorset as part of the European Regional Development Fund and will save over 32.42 tonnes of CO2 every year.