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In business today, change is the only constant. At Bistech, we think that’s exciting. With a progressive approach, we see change as an opportunity, a way to develop and evolve into something better.

Our industry experience combined with our breadth of services positions us perfectly to deliver an innovative and scalable end-to-end solution to your technology needs. We make IT simple, so that you can focus on those key business outcomes.


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Latest insights from the Bistech blog

21 April 2022 | By Shaun Farrow

What is the human firewall and how can it protect your business?

90% of breaches could be prevented by creating a human firewall — here’s how your employees could become your greatest cyber security asset…

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25 February 2022 | By Richard Holbrook

A heightened threat: six steps to bolster your cyber defences

As the Russia – Ukraine conflict unfolds, it’s wise to ensure your cyber security strategy is at full strength.

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1 February 2022 | By Jesse Brett

Microsoft’s licencing changes and what they mean for your business

If your IT estate includes Microsoft licencing, it’s essential that you’re aware of these changes and the impact they’ll have on the way you purchase and manage your licencing products.

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24 January 2022 | By Dan Thomas

Cyber Essentials overhaul: what you need to know

As of today, a number of significant changes are being introduced to the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme to take into consideration the impact of the pandemic on modern working practices.

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14 December 2021 | By Dan Thomas

Should I be protecting my data in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft’s cloud has experienced rapid adoption over the last few years, but despite its popularity, there’s some confusion about its built-in data protection capabilities.

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8 October 2021 | By Shaun Farrow

The defender’s dilemma: why IT teams must move beyond antivirus

With a 62% increase in global ransomware attacks alone since 2019, securing your business has never been so important.

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