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In a world that’s ever-changing, our consultative and collaborative approach will help identify the right solutions to support your strategic goals.

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Latest insights from the Bistech blog

24 October 2023 | By Shaun Farrow

Defending your data: an endless game of cat and mouse

MFA fatigue, AiTM phishing, data extortion — cyber threats are on the rise and evolving daily. How can your business protect itself in this ever-changing landscape?

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14 September 2023 | By Shaun Farrow

The weakest link: managing supply chain risk

Supply chain attacks are on the rise, increasing by 633% between 2021 and 2022. Protecting against this form of threat can be a significant challenge — here’s how to stay one step ahead…

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17 August 2023 | By Chris Thomas

Next-level business communications with Microsoft Teams and 8×8

Microsoft Teams is being adopted rapidly around the world due to its communication and collaboration benefits — but some businesses are enhancing this by integrating 8×8’s voice features. Here’s why…

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13 July 2023 | By Chris Thomas

Five key considerations for choosing the right UC platform

Effective communication is vital for success in today’s business landscape, with UC an essential tool in the modern workplace. But how do you know which platform is right for your organisation?

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4 July 2023 | By James Hernon

Digital Britain: the final countdown

Ready or not, the PSTN switch-off is on track for 2025, with the stop-sell of copper services virtually upon us. It’s time to act now to avoid a last-minute panic and ensure a smooth transition.

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19 June 2023 | By Shaun Farrow

The power of policy in information security

Human behaviour can be your greatest strength when it comes to securing your data. With that in mind, it’s vital to go back to basics and develop a company culture of cyber awareness. Here’s how…

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