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Bistech’s comprehensive portfolio of flexible IT products and solutions will enhance the way you work. As an independent provider, we forge strategic partnerships with both industry-leading vendors and emerging innovators, enabling us to deliver pioneering yet proven technologies.

In a world that’s ever-changing, our consultative and collaborative approach will help identify the right solutions to support your strategic goals.

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Latest insights from the Bistech blog

14 December 2021 | By Dan Thomas

Should I be protecting my data in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft’s cloud has experienced rapid adoption over the last few years, but despite its popularity, there’s some confusion about its built-in data protection capabilities.

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8 October 2021 | By Shaun Farrow

The defender’s dilemma: why IT teams must move beyond antivirus

With a 62% increase in global ransomware attacks alone since 2019, securing your business has never been so important.

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20 September 2021 | By Ashley Payne

SASE comes of age: how to protect your business in a shifting IT landscape

Safeguarding your customers, employees and mission-critical data is paramount in an ever-changing world, and this is exactly where a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach comes in.

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2 August 2021 | By Dan Thomas

EA vs CSP: which is right for your business?

For large businesses, EA has been the established way to purchase Microsoft subscription licencing. But with the continued global uncertainty, does CSP better meet the needs of our changing world?

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8 July 2021 | By Richard Holbrook

Video call fatigue: maximising productivity in the hybrid working world

While we navigate this new hybrid way of working, there are considerations that need to be made. While technology may have created this current challenge, it can also help overcome it.

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17 May 2021 | By Jesse Brett

From technology leaders to business leaders: how to evolve your IT team

The role of the IT team has significantly shifted. Whilst once it was more about ‘keeping the lights on’, IT teams now find themselves at the forefront of driving innovation.

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