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A digital landscape.

Technology is transforming the way the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries work. The forward-thinking are embracing IT to streamline workflows and collaboration, ensuring they’re best placed to win bids and deliver innovative projects — on time and on budget.

With a proven track record and a deep understanding of the sector, Bistech works as a collaborative partner for leading AEC businesses, supporting their evolving technology needs and strategic goals.

We design and deliver solutions that enable secure, efficient, cost-effective hybrid working and cross-site collaboration — all while supporting the complex, data-hungry technology stacks that are central to your business.

Rendering success

Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate seamlessly

Promote real-time co-working with both your team and external partners, wherever they’re located.

Scale effortlessly

Adapt to ever-changing business demands with an easy-to-scale, cloud-based infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Minimise the need for expensive on-site hardware maintenance and device refresh cycles.

Enhance Security

Enhance security

Protect, detect and respond to ever-changing cyber threats with a multi-layered approach.