Morleys Department Stores Case Study | Bistech

Excellence in store.

Morleys is a leading group of eight department stores located in Greater London and Newbury. The group is named after the original Brixton store that opened in 1880 and takes pride in the rich heritage of the stores that sit at the hearts of their communities.

The challenge

In 2020, Bistech completed an assessment of Morleys’ IT setup, which highlighted key areas for improvement. Alongside replacing some legacy systems, they wanted to move across to the cloud and bring their IT up to date.

The solution

Already Morleys’ trusted business comms partner, and boasting an expansive breadth of expertise, Bistech was the perfect choice to design and deliver a variety of solutions over the ensuing months, including cloud migrations, infrastructure projects and Wi-Fi deployments.

The benefits

Because Morleys operates with a lean in-house IT team, time is key. A major benefit of the long-term, collaborative nature of the relationship is that Bistech has a complete understanding of their IT environment and business priorities, maximising productivity.

Bistech has helped transform Morleys’ IT landscape while placing them in a strong position to deliver their wider IT strategy. The group is working towards security, scalability and knowledge share within the business, so Bistech ensures that every project corresponds to that key strategy.

At a glance…

Increased productivity

Streamlined operations have given the internal IT team time to focus on strategic IT projects.

Maximised uptime

Highly available and resilient connectivity has enabled a seamless in-store experience.

Specialist IT Knowledge

Specialist expertise

Bistech’s proven, in-depth breadth of knowledge has helped deliver their long-term strategy.