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A deep dive into our development journey.

Our exceptional in-house Software Development Team has a combined experience of over 30 years. Operating internally, not only are they fundamental to Bistech’s growth, but they’re able to see the direct impact their hard work has on the people and processes in the company. Two people who’ve experienced the incredible knowledge of this team first-hand are our placement students, Jack and Aidan. Here, they share what they’ve achieved in just a few months… 

What technologies have you worked with? 

Well, so far, we’ve worked with loads of different tech, but our focus has been on Microsoft technologies like Javascript, C#, TypeScript, React, and Azure Cloud Services. We’ve improved our coding skills by delving into Microsoft systems, such as Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Azure, Azure DevOps, and we’ve learnt how to write C# unit tests, expanding our understanding of agile methodology like standups, sprint reviews, and scoring. 

What projects have you been involved in? 

What projects haven’t we been involved in? We’ve helped automate network orders, customise apps, and craft user-friendly dashboards. Sometimes we’re deep into coding, and other times we’re involved in design discussions. There really are no limits.  

Recently, we’ve been working on the customisation of the new Project Operations app, which involved making custom web resources, writing plugins to help automate processes, and creating and editing forms and views via PowerApps. It was especially rewarding to be a part of a project that has had such a direct impact on the wider team.  

What can you tell us about your training experiences? 

Since the beginning, we’ve been developing a better understanding of different work styles, so we’re much more effective when interacting with the team or with customers. We’ve improved our collaboration, communication, time management, and other soft skills too. Operating in an Agile Scrum environment is teaching us how software evolves through continuous improvement. And, of course, we’ve gained tonnes of technical knowledge.  

How have you worked as a team? 

The whole organisation is filled with experienced professionals who are more than happy to provide support; always ready to share their knowledge and be a mentor to those who need it. The software development team are really friendly and approachable, so you feel comfortable asking for guidance, and we’ve consistently been given feedback that has helped us review and improve our code. We’re lucky to be a part of a team that are collaborative, supportive, highly skilled, and even ‘kinda funny’!  

What will you take away from your time at Bistech? 

This invaluable experience in a professional software setting will mean we truly understand how tech aligns with business needs. And, thanks to the vast range of technologies we explore here, at the end of our placement, we’ll be leaving with the confidence and expertise necessary to handle our own personal programming projects, whether at home or university. 


If you’re an aspiring developer with a thirst for knowledge and you like the sound of taking on varied and exciting projects at the heart of a warm and welcoming business – apply today 

And, if you want to hear more from Aidan and Jack, check out our @lifeatbistech Instagram to watch our latest ‘a day in the life’ video.  

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