With business demands ever changing, IT teams must adapt the way they work.

The role of the IT team has significantly shifted. While once it was more about ‘keeping the lights on’, IT teams now find themselves at the forefront of driving innovation. It is clear that IT has become firmly established at the heart of business operations.

Yet with new technologies requiring a niche set of skills and knowledge, finding the right talent can be difficult. And balancing the management of an increasing IT estate alongside the maintenance burden of existing IT infrastructure — while also responding to business demands — leaves little time to focus on delivering other projects and adding real value.

Despite these challenges, IT’s emerging strategic role creates an exciting opportunity for the team to refocus and reskill. With the right strategy in place, IT can drive change and enable competitive edge. So, here are some key considerations to help evolve your team…

  1. Identify your objectives
    Moving from a support function to a key strategic role requires setting clear objectives. Whether that’s increasing agility by moving to the cloud or reviewing security processes to optimise hybrid working — it’s important to establish what your business wants to achieve and what technology would work best for you.
  2. Reassess your current processes
    To achieve these objectives, it’s important to reflect on the technologies and processes currently in place and pinpoint areas to improve for long-term success. IT has more touchpoints across the whole business than ever before, so collaborating with the wider team will help understand what your organisation truly needs to do to improve the way you operate.
  3. Work with a trusted partner
    Balancing day-to-day responsibilities while keeping pace with emerging IT trends is demanding, so it makes sense to take advantage of an IT partner’s expertise. They will be best placed to support you and help drive your business forward — enabling your IT team to deliver on those more strategic, high-value projects.

This is where Bistech can help. We focus on reducing the complexity of IT to help you maximise efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience. Our specialist tech teams work with you to understand your objectives and translate them into technology, leaving your in-house IT teams to focus on innovation and driving your business forward.

To see how we support other businesses with their IT needs, check out our customer case studies here. And to speak to our expert team, call us on 03330 11 22 55.