National Fitness Day 2023 - Bistech

Fitness for the future.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. Improving our fitness in the long term comes with the benefits of increased energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure and improved mental health. And with 63.1% of the adult population already considered ‘active’[1], we’re proud to encourage fitness in our own workplace to contribute to this and help our people thrive. Here are a few ways Bistech promotes healthy living… 

Starting steps 

Often the hardest part of keeping active is getting started in the first place. One of the benefits of our Employee Assistance Programme is its personalised fitness and nutrition plans as well as advice on quitting smoking guiding you through those tricky first steps of adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

Keeping on track 

Once you’re past the starting line, our comprehensive private medical insurance[2] helps keep you motivated by rewarding an active lifestyle with incentives such as free cinema tickets and significant discounts on gym memberships as well as the latest Garmin and Apple watches. So, keeping your body moving can turn into a habit you’re likely to keep.  

Team effort 

It’s no secret that we’re rather competitive here at Bistech, with a strong sense of team spirit. And there’s no rule that says keeping fit can’t be fun! From lunchtime table tennis to evening football matches and even squash at the local gym, there’s something for everyone to keep you moving.  

And if you enjoy slower-paced activities, you can make the most of Ferndown on lunchtime walks in the surrounding fields and heathland or take in the views on your commute using our Cycle to Work Scheme.  

We focus on encouraging health for life through a wide variety of benefits — not just today, but every day. To see more about life at Bistech, take a look at our other careers blogs or Instagram. And then head over to our vacancies page to apply today!  

[1] Achieving 150 minutes or more of moderate intensity physical activity per week — Adults’ activity levels in England bounce back to pre-pandemic levels | Sport England 

[2] Active after 1 year of continuous employment 

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