Wellbeing in the workplace.

On 2nd November, this National Stress Awareness Day, the UK is focusing on raising awareness of stress and its potential impact — and not just in the workplace. We’re taking the time to think about what we do to help recognise the signs of stress and highlight how Bistech supports its people…

Our company culture

We’re proud to have an open and transparent culture. Everyone in our team is encouraged to share their knowledge and offer support and, more importantly, ensure everyone is given help when they need it.

We invest heavily in training — not just technical and on-the-job training, but also soft skills training that’s useful in shaping individuals and creates long-lasting skills that are beneficial for everyday life. Everyone has the opportunity to take part in mental health and wellbeing training so they’re ready to notice signs of stress and are equipped with techniques to manage it.

Supporting work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance is centred around taking full advantage of our time to ourselves and not extending work beyond our office hours. We encourage our people to set these boundaries between work and home, helping protect their wellbeing.

Our Employee Assistance Programme

We proactively support our team with our 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme, which offers financial, nutritional, physical and mental health support. This tool additionally features preventative techniques for stress and specialist guidance from GPs, mental health practitioners and other professionals.

We’re dedicated to supporting our people’s wellbeing — both inside and outside of work. If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our vacancies or email careers@bistech.co.uk.

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