Next-level business communications with Microsoft Teams and 8x8 - Bistech

Six benefits of moving beyond a single platform.

Effective communication is the backbone of success in today’s fast-paced business world, with companies seeking leading-edge solutions to enhance internal collaboration, productivity and efficiency — as well as improve the customer experience. And as vendors innovate and optimise, two frontrunners have emerged.

As part of the increasingly popular Microsoft 365 productivity suite, Microsoft Teams continues to be adopted rapidly around the world due to its extensive communication and collaboration capabilities. But while Teams as a single platform provides a number of excellent benefits for the user experience, some businesses are totally transforming both their internal and external communications by integrating it with the complementary global voice features of 8×8. Here’s why…

Comprehensive communication channels

Microsoft Teams primarily focuses on chat, video conferencing and file sharing. 8×8, on the other hand, brings in advanced voice communication features, including cloud PBX capabilities, voice analytics, voice recording and advanced call routing. By integrating both, companies give their employees a wider array of communication tools, all from a single interface.

Task-specific tools

While a back-office professional might prefer Teams for its effortless integration with other Microsoft applications, a customer support representative might lean towards 8×8 for its advanced call-handling features. This integration ensures that each department can use the most suitable tools for their tasks without compromising on functionality — all from one place.

Seamless integration

One of the most significant advantages of combining 8×8 and Microsoft Teams is the creation of a consistent user experience. Instead of toggling between different apps and systems, employees can easily and intuitively connect and collaborate in real time from a single interface, from instant messaging and voice calls to video conferencing and file sharing.

Advanced analytics

8×8’s analytics suite offers invaluable insights into communication patterns, call quality metrics, and agent performance when integrated with Microsoft Teams. Managers can leverage these analytics to make data-driven decisions that optimise team performance, allocate resources effectively and identify areas for training.

Improved reliability

8×8 offers robust SLAs (99.999) which provide guarantees regarding uptime and service quality. While Microsoft also provides SLAs, some businesses will find 8×8’s assurances particularly compelling when it comes to the availability of critical voice services.

Business continuity

Both 8×8 and Microsoft Teams operate with highly redundant global infrastructures. In the unlikely event either platform experiences a disruption, the other can serve as a backup, ensuring that your communications always remain available.


The right UC solution can significantly impact your business’ productivity and collaboration capabilities, as well as its reputation. A secure, cloud-first approach that focuses on enhancing both the user and customer experience is key — and combining the collaboration experience of Microsoft Teams with the high-quality and resilient telephony features of 8×8 will empower your employees and enable your business to thrive. To review your UC requirements and wider IT strategy, call our specialist team today on 03330 11 22 55.