Video call fatigue: maximising productivity in the hybrid working world - Bistech

How to optimise the way you work, combat burnout and improve efficiency.

Video calls have become indispensable to the modern way of working, with the power to bring dispersed workforces together, reduce travel expense and boost efficiency. Yet for some, is it a case of too much of a good thing? Connectivity issues, the challenges of picking up on non-verbal cues and the need for sustained concentration are causing a significant rise in stress build-up and exhaustion.

And now that employees are switched on 24/7, they’re finding themselves attending back-to-back meetings, and those ‘watercooler’ moments many relied on to step away, refocus and casually collaborate are becoming a thing of the past. Like everything in life, there’s a balance to be struck.

So while we navigate this new hybrid way of working, there are considerations that need to be made to boost productivity and avoid burnout. Although technology may have created this current challenge, it can also help overcome it:

Schedule regular breaks

Although back-to-back meetings are becoming the norm, it’s important to take a step away between each one. To help, Microsoft has implemented settings in Outlook that allow you to set five, ten and fifteen-minute breaks between meetings, giving employees a few minutes of downtime to refocus and reset.

Gain insight into your workload

Having a top-level view of day-to-day tasks can help prioritise workflows. Tools such as Microsoft Viva Insights enable your workforce to understand their workload better and organise their time more effectively to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Choose the right form of communication

While video calls have their benefits, so do emails and phone conversations. Not all conversations need to take place ‘face-to-face’. Carrying out meetings over the phone or sending a quick email can be less intrusive, giving your team variety and improving overall engagement.

At Bistech, we encourage our people to find the right balance and want to share our experience with you. To understand more about how we’ve helped our team adapt, as well as how to improve overall engagement and productivity in a hybrid working world, call our expert team on 03330 11 22 55.