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14 December 2021 | By Dan Thomas

Should I be protecting my data in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft’s cloud has experienced rapid adoption over the last few years, but despite its popularity, there’s some confusion about its built-in data protection capabilities.

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14 December 2021 | By Dan Thomas

Should I be protecting my data in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft’s cloud has experienced rapid adoption over the last few years, but despite its popularity, there’s some confusion about its built-in data protection capabilities.

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08 October 2021 | By Shaun Farrow

The defender’s dilemma: why IT teams must move beyond antivirus

With a 62% increase in global ransomware attacks alone since 2019, securing your business has never been so important.

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20 September 2021 | By Ashley Payne

SASE comes of age: how to protect your business in a shifting IT landscape

Safeguarding your customers, employees and mission-critical data is paramount in an ever-changing world, and this is exactly where a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach comes in.

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02 August 2021 | By Dan Thomas

EA vs CSP: which is right for your business?

For large businesses, EA has been the established way to purchase Microsoft subscription licencing. But with the continued global uncertainty, does CSP better meet the needs of our changing world?

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08 July 2021 | By Richard Holbrook

Video call fatigue: maximising productivity in the hybrid working world

While we navigate this new hybrid way of working, there are considerations that need to be made. While technology may have created this current challenge, it can also help overcome it.

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17 May 2021 | By Jesse Brett

From technology leaders to business leaders: how to evolve your IT team

The role of the IT team has significantly shifted. Whilst once it was more about ‘keeping the lights on’, IT teams now find themselves at the forefront of driving innovation.

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25 March 2021 | By Richard Holbrook

Hybrid working: is it the right strategy for you?

Looking ahead, combining the structure and sociability of the office with the flexibility and focus of remote working, a hybrid approach potentially offers the best of both worlds.

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23 February 2021 | By Richard Holbrook

Three ways an IT assessment can help optimise your business

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. So, when it comes to truly understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current IT setup, its timely, detailed, and accurate analysis is essential.

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11 February 2021 | By Mike Fry

Secure remote working: how to future-proof your architecture practice

Traditionally heavily reliant on office presence, many firms have recently been under increasing pressure to offer greater flexibility to facilitate a better work-life balance.

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01 January 2021 | By Chris Thomas

A Cyber Pandemic is here: how to protect your business

Challenges have arisen as a result of the quick and widespread adoption of remote working – something many are referring to as a global Cyber Pandemic.

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17 December 2020 | By Ashley Payne

Three key business challenges that IT can help you solve

IT today needs to offer the agility, scalability and resilience for businesses to both survive and thrive. And for almost every firm, this will involve cloud technologies.

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29 October 2020 | By Jesse Brett

Five ways Azure Virtual Desktop could benefit your business

Over the first quarter of 2020, the use of AVD tripled with businesses deploying virtual desktops to enable secure remote working. But is it right for your business long term?

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01 September 2020 | By Richard Holbrook

Unified Communications: the key to prospering post-pandemic

With many businesses choosing to continue with flexible working for the foreseeable future, a cloud-first approach that focuses on enhancing both user and customer experience is key.

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28 July 2020 | By Dan Thomas

Safeguarding your data: why businesses are backing up the cloud

Productivity solutions such as Microsoft 365 bring game-changing efficiencies, as well as supporting flexible working. But in the race to adoption, it’s important to consider something else. Data.

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29 June 2020 | By Richard Holbrook

Securing your business in an evolving IT landscape

As restrictions begin to lift, companies are considering their next steps — and with the rise in coronavirus-related cybercrime, securing your business has never been more important.

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13 May 2020 | By Richard Holbrook

Life beyond lockdown: four next steps to move your business forward

As we look ahead to emerging from lockdown, it is now crucial to assess how well your business has adapted and determine how best to meet business demands moving forward. So, what are the next steps?

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01 April 2020 | By Chris Thomas

Protecting your business from phishing during the Covid-19 pandemic

In these unprecedented times as the world is coming together to battle a crisis, cybercriminals have been quick to capitalise on the change in normal working environments.

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03 March 2020 | By Richard Holbrook

Covid-19: changing the way we work

Since the onset of coronavirus, businesses around the globe have taken precautionary measures to prevent further spread of the infection. This has led to an unprecedented rise in homeworking.

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05 December 2019 | By Ashley Payne

‘Digital Britain’ and a full fibre future

For the UK to compete in a cloud-first global economy, we need a communications infrastructure that delivers high speed fixed and mobile connectivity – everywhere.

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13 November 2019 | By Jesse Brett

What is Azure Virtual Desktop and how can it help my business?

Of course, many businesses already use a virtualised desktop solution to address specific needs such as compliance or flexible working. So, what makes AVD different?

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11 September 2019 | By Chris Thomas

SD-WAN: what you need to know

Cloud and the consumerisation of IT is powering intelligent new ways of working, giving businesses the agility and flexibility to adapt to constantly changing markets.

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11 July 2019 | By Andy Allison

Why identity should be at the heart of your security strategy

The security perimeter of every business now extends beyond the traditional network. Business leaders are challenging their approach to security and realigning it — starting with identity.

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22 May 2019 | By Mark Sanders

The end of support for Windows 7 and what this means for your business

Windows 7 has been one of Microsoft’s most popular operating systems. With an announced date for the end of support set, what does the future hold for businesses using Windows 7?

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23 April 2019 | By Scott Delahunty

Empowering efficiency: boost business success with digital technology

In today’s changing economic climate, productivity and efficiency is vital to securing long-term business success. So, what can you do to improve productivity and efficiency for your business?

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09 November 2018 | By Scott Delahunty

How to activate agile working for competitive edge

In today’s challenging business climate, attracting and retaining top talent is mission-critical. Companies that adopt agile working practices can empower a more productive, loyal workforce.

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25 September 2018 | By Adam Pretty

Four ways technology can power legal practice performance

Today, law firms are facing a new breed of competition. To remain competitive, proactive firms are taking a client-centric approach which focuses upon incremental innovation.

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07 October 2016 | By Chris Thomas

MPLS vs VPLS: which technology is right for your business?

Whilst MPLS networks have been the established private network of choice for some time, increasingly we see network providers recommend VPLS as a “better” alternative. So what is the real difference?

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